AFIF Entrepreunership Award 2015

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In the framework of the 2015 edition of the Africa Finance & Investment Forum and to encourage sustainable development, economic growth, innovation and entrepreneurship in Africa, EMRC presented "AFIF Entrepreneurship Award 2015", providing an African existing small-medium business with a financial contribution and exposure/visibility for a project.

The "AFIF Entrepreneurship Award 2015” was organized with the support of the Rabobank Foundation.

The winner of this year's AFIF Entrepreneurship Award was Lazaro Mwakipesile founder of Raphael Group (Tanzania).

Raphael Group implements its business activities through SHIRCO consortium under a complete value chain model of rice, beans, groundnuts and sunflower. The company partners with other private businesses especially agro-dealers and credit providers that work directly with RGL contracted farmers.

"This is a moment for all the entrepreneurs from Tanzania. I am not only representing Raphael Group but also all the business people in my country who believe in what they do. This is a very special moment for me and everyone back home,” explained Lazaro Mwakipesile, Managing Director of Raphael Group. 

Rabobank Foundation

Committed to improving the lives of underprivileged and disadvantaged groups of people by providing them with the opportunity to live full and independent lives, Rabobank Foundation is active in the Netherlands and in developing countries. The support provided focuses on enabling the development of small co-operatives located in rural regions and is provided through donations, loans, trade financing and technical assistance.

In line with Rabobank’s own co-operative background, Rabobank Foundation focuses on establishing co-operative savings and loan systems with small farm holders and producer organisations.