About the AgriBusiness Forum

The AgriBusiness Forum is the largest annual pan-African AgriBusiness Forum held on African soil  which aims at strengthening the Agri-Food sector in Africa, by encouraging partnerships, exchanging best practices and attracting investments. It is the platform to discuss and present successful projects and business models. This year, the Forum will focus on  "The Agri-Food Sector: A Catalyst for Sustainable and Inclusive Growth in Africa”.

Forum Features

  • Pre-conference training

    In the run up of the AgriBusiness Forum 2013, EMRC organised a Pre-Conference Training (6 October 2013) on writing and presenting a business plan to investors. The training will be held in linguistic groups: EnglishFrench and Portuguese.

  • Four-day forum including
    • Plenary sessions
    • Parallel workshops
  • About 400 experts and decision makers including private entities, financiers, donors, multinationals, researchers, governments, int’l organisations, NGOs and consultants from around the world. 
  • Market Place
  • B2B Meetings 
  • Project Incubator Award to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship in Africa among SMEs

  • Who attended

  • Ministers and Government officials 
  • Private sector / Project owners / SMEs with investment opportunities 
  • Business Associations & Multinationals 
  • Farmer organizations 
  • Business Schools & Research Institutes 
  • Microfinance Institutions, Commercial Banks, Private Equity & Venture Capital Orgs
  • NGOs & Foundations, donor and development Orgs 

  • Why Rwanda

    Rwanda: an economic success story
    2013 UNCTAD World Investment Report
    Rwanda recorded US$160 million up from US$106 million FDI in 2011
    • Niche opportunities in information and communication technologies, agricultural processing and logistics.
    • Member of the EAC single market of 38 million people and a gross domestic product (GDP) of US$ 82.1 billion.
    • Rapid reformer of investment-related laws.
    • Only 48 hours to register a new business.
    • Low petty crime and corruption.

    AgriBusiness Forum Previous Editions

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     AgriBusiness Forum 2009
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