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Marcos Bertoli - Globoaves Intl.

Globoaves Intl. participated in AgriBusiness 2010 in Uganda, presenting an entrepreneurial project focusing on the implementation of production chains in poultry for developing countries. During the event we received a lot of feedback and interest from various participants.

Marcos Bertoli - Globoaves Intl.


Three months following the AgriBusiness Forum, a Government delegation from Chad, which was also present at the forum, officially invited Globoaves Intl. to visit Chad. The government presented the country's assets, its agribusiness potential and asked Globoaves Intl. to make an in depth evaluation in order to give technical recommendations to find the best place in the country to develop this poultry production chain.


We started our technical visits in 2012, in Djamena, with the Ministry of Agriculture, which allowed us to start all the technical evaluations.

The project is called Project Koundoul and developed for the Koundoul region, 40km from the capital Djamena. A poultry complex is being built, for initial production of 40,000 chickens a day, covering the production of grains (soy and corn), one ration factory for birds, one incubator, 50 poultry farms integrated with the regional population that will participate in the integration in poultry production molds equal to that of Brazil.


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In the current year of 2016, six years after the initial EMRC meeting in Uganda, all the negotiations have taken place. This inlcudes: Alignments with the government, with a private global company and with a development bank. This means the project and the construction works are currently taking place with the entire project predicted to be inaugurated in 2018. So, the initial short meeting during the AgriBusiness Forum has evolved to a fully fledged project of national proportions,  which has benefited us but of course also the country of Chad. We are all winners and we are all thankful to have joined the forum in Uganda.
Our motto has always been "Because those who persist and respect the culture and deadlines , can reach the goal which is the development of their people."

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