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Munira Jauad - Rumu Lda, Guinea Bissau

A woman convinced that mangos can be enjoyed and also bring much needed income to farmers across Guinea Bissau.

Munira Jauad - Rumu Lda, Guinea Bissau


Munira Jauad decided to participate in the 2011 edition of the AgriBusiness Forum, which was held in Johannesburg, South Africa, to bring visibility to her company Rumu Lda. Munira Jauad’s business focuses on mangoes and her belief was that she could turn the fresh mangoes into dried mango slices which could be consumed all year ound.

Guinea Bissau produces vast quantities of mangoes but the country still imports mango juice out of season, to the consternation of Munira. “I dream about giving work to all the women and monetize the mango in order to be used throughout the year.”


I was looking for investment for my project, and even though I was in contact with Rabobank for a long time, the partnership didn’t happen. However, I met a business person at the AgriBusiness Forum that told me that he would like to visit Guinea Bissau and work together. I realised this could be very interesting and I made the initial steps to make sure he came to Guinea Bissau.


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After the initial visit of the businessman, we started working together, and our first collaboration was him sending us a refrigerating container. This container was very good for the business, as we could store specific foods that would otherwise go bad, so we purchased three more.

Today, we receive every month one container with a capacity for 28 tons of frozen chicken, turkey, and other poultry products. The idea of the project keeps growing and now we are focusing on building an entire production chain here in Guinea Bissau.

I am very happy with the results, and I am still driven and focused to grow my mango project!

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