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21st Agricultural Trade Mission Africa-Israel - POSTPONED

It is with great regret that we postpone the 21st Economic Trade Mission Africa – Israel 2020 planned to take place from Sunday 29th March to Wednesday 1st April in Israel.

 21st Agricultural Trade Mission Africa-Israel - POSTPONED


As you are all aware, we are experiencing a large-scale world health crisis, caused by the COVID19. We can help reverse, or at least slow down the advance effect with the containment protocol applied in many countries. Business is important, but nothing is worth more than good health and… life. Make sure you stay safe and we will get back to you as soon as the situation improves with new dates.


It is important for us to maintain a link with our partners in order to pursue our efforts to strengthen Africa's private sector and set off again at full speed as soon as containment measures are removed.

Our mission has been the same for almost 30 years now. Through our contacts and our platforms, we work to link and increase the power of action of people and institutions interested in the African private sector.

Our focus is precise. We are targeting small and medium-sized businesses. We seek to strengthen businesses with the capacity to grow and therefore exponentially create new jobs. It is the private initiative that interests us.

As a reminder, we are specialized in the implementation of 4 forms of platforms:

  • Thematic Forums bringing together in a single physical point all the parties contributing to strengthening the private sector, including national and international audiences.
  • Economic Missions aiming at bringing the private sector in front of sectoral leaders to alleviate a particular problem. The goal is to accelerate the exchange of knowledge through the exchange of know-how and technology.
  • Managerial Excellence Training to provide management tools to integrate rigorous, systematic processes adapted to an effective transition in Africa.
  • Direct connectionshere we are talking about consultancy, we can provide the link with the third party necessary for the accomplishment of your business project.

We are your partner of choice with a strong experience in the African continent if you want to get in touch with international institutions, companies or financial organizations.

Do not hesitate to contact us, we are available to guide you as well as possible.

Tel: +32.475.59.51.11  or  +32.474.55.37.93 ┃ E-mail: ┃



Soyez impliqués
Nous cherchons à renforcer l'esprit d'entrepreunariat en Afrique

  • Faciliter l'accès au financement
  • Connecter les organisations horizontalement et verticalement
  • Créer un échange de savoir-faire
  • Engager le dialogue public-privé

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